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Device management with Essentials MDM

TechStep’s Essentials MDM is a trusted mobile security and enterprise mobility management provider, empowering businesses to remotely control, manage and secure their diverse mobile infrastructures.

What is Essentials MDM

Essentials MDM simplifies the deployment, configuration and management of all smartphones, tablets and laptops in your organization.  You control everything from a single source, create profiles, enforce restrictions, set PIN and password policies, and so much more.
From ten devices to ten thousand, corporate-owned or BYO, enrolling devices is quick, easy and error-free.  With Essentials MDM, you can tweak a single handset or perform bulk operations on OS-differentiated groups of devices.

Mobile management models


Bring your own device

Employees use their own devices in work. Work apps are securely separated from private data through a Work Profile.


Company owned, business only

In this mode employees use their devices for business only.


Company owned, personally enabled

In this mode, the device is fully managed by the company but personal use is accepted.  Work apps are secure from private data through a Work Profile.


Company owned, specific use (kiosk)

In this mode, the device is configured to serve a specific purpose (e.g. self-service point of sale). 


Why Essentials MDM

  • Quick, seamless enrollment of devices, irrespective of quantity
  • Secure hosting options for cloud, dedicated and on-premise options
  • On-demand reporting and monitoring
  • Devices, whether corporate or BYO, can be locked down to protect and secure data
  • Lone worker protection 
  • Know which assets you have, which are active and where they are located

Customer testimonial

“Essentials MDM has significantly improved our internal processes – today it helps us to manage over 300 mobile devices. The implementation and migration from the previous EMM system was very efficient and quick. We even had a dedicated support, which was an additional benefit for us!”
Grant Thornton
Mikolaj Chmielnik

Essentials MDM customers include....

Case studies

Burger King


Burger King wanted to secure and monitor some processes in many Burger King stores in an innovative, automated way.


With Essentials MDM, staff can now easily report on demand for products, check components, fill in cash reports and staff presence. The devices are in kiosk mode, so can only be used for those purposes.


For Grant Thornton, security and management processes are really important. Dissatisfied with the support of the incumbent, Grant Thornton wanted to change EMM provider and maintain continuity because company data needed to be secure at all times. So in a really short time we had to migrate them from the previous EMM to Essentials MDM


Today, Essentials MDM helps manage over 300 mobile devices. The implementation and migration from the previous EMM system was very efficient and quick. Grant Thornton had dedicated support and, what’s more, we convinced them to switch from an on-site installation to the dedicated cloud, which is much safer and enables full access to all current updates.