The Mobile Office

Save money

Reduce costs. Know what you have where, and who uses it

Save time

All apps at the touch of a button

Increase productivity

The right apps for the right job, configured correctly

Keep your business secure

Protect your data, people and hardware

Make it simple

Remote support for your people (or let us do it!)


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Our partners

We partner with the leading technology providers in their field.  Here’s a snapshot:

What we are about

We support SMEs and corporates in the adoption and use of technology.
Our portfolio of digital platforms help companies operate efficiently and increase profits.  
With a track record of bringing corporate practices to businesses in an agile way, ServiceTG digitizes essential, value-adding tasks done by people in the workplace.
Whether your business has been too busy to adopt or just hasn’t optimised technology, we can get it on the right path.Our

What we offer

ServiceTG seamlessly links mobile workforces and office environments, offering:

What makes us tick


Led by a team with a history of bringing corporate practices to businesses of all sizes in an agile way.
With us, companies have won more business, retained clients and managed their costs better.  

Business first, technology second

Technology has to serve a business and earn its stripes.  Business first, then technology.
Our approach is: understand the business, implement and evolve.
We have a genuine interest in people benefitting from the use of technology.  
Our staff are our biggest asset.  We hire based on attitude first and foremost.
Our partners are vital to our success, and us to them.  We build partnerships that work and grow.
We have a proven ability to work with our clients’ partners and integrate with existing technologies.


ServiceTG is not about selling technology; it’s about delivering a service with technology at its core.
Technology adoption is just the start; embedding is what brings success.
"Get the technology to serve the people, not the people servicing the technology"