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The PlanRadar platform

PlanRadar is a cloud-based solution for project collaboration and task & defect management in construction, facilities management and real estate projects.  Through an all-browser application and native apps for all smartphones and tablets, users co-ordinate in one place the collection, documentation, communication and tracking of progress.


Track project progress and bring your team, plans and key know-how together in one place.

Real Estate

Centralise operations and your real estate portfolio. Get real-time data on each property.

Facilities Management

Manage daily tasks, inspections and maintenance all in one place.


Manage fit-outs, maintenance and repairs in one place.


Manage your assets all in one place. Resolve breakdowns quickly and stay compliant.


Streamline maintenance and occupational health & safety inspections.


Oversee construction, maintenance and refurbishment for industrial projects.


Plan, build or hand over residential projects.  Track progress and centralise all comms.


Deliver large-scale civil construction projects on time and on budget.

Public Sector

Support the construction and operation of government properties. Single source of truth.

Mobility & Transportation

Automate fleet operations and keep vehicles and equipment running efficiently.

Fire Safety

Digitise fire safety procedures for full compliance and peace of mind.

Case studies

Five Guys logo


The restaurant chain, Five Guys, has a strong focus on freshness and quality to differentiate itself from competitors, so all equipment and systems must function smoothly. This requires maintenance and servicing in the restaurants to be as efficient as possible. Five Guys in Germany uses PlanRadar to do this.


PlanRadar saves the maintenance manager, Thomas Daufenbach, four to six hours per week of time spent on admin for maintenance management.  For individual restaurant managers, he estimates the saving at three to five hours per week.


CSI-QA works with builders and contractors throughout the build lifecycle to improve the quality of their work and reduce aftercare requirements. Given the wide range of client needs, establishing clear, consistent and reliable ways to communicate, collaborate and follow-up was a challenge.


PlanRadar has proved to be an effective solution for logging information, documentation and communication, enabling the CSI-QA team to provide their clients with bespoke and comprehensive reports.  It’s also opened up a new avenue of collaboration via contractor accounts.
  • Single source of truth: centralised communication
  • Audit trails, evidence, compliance
  • Effective site inspections and stress-free reporting
  • Effortless project tracking
  • Integrations and secure data storage

Customer testimonial

"With PlanRadar, both the communication within our team and reporting to the Project Management team is more efficient and flexible."
Avensis ingenieros
Gabriel Alvarez, Technical Director